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Coaching - The Connection Process

The Connection Process

The Connection Process is RESET’s proprietary and proven methodology that leverages connections to create faster, more sustainable revenue. With it, businesses and organizations grow in a more collaborative and intelligent way.

Step 1

Step 1

Identify Smart Clients

Locate the leader within a client organization who understands the impact you will have on their business.

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The Importance of Identifying Smart Clients

Step 2

Align with Business and Political issues

Discover the things happening inside companies and with industries that impact client decisions.

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Aligning with Business & Political Issues

Step 3

Develop Multiple Paths to Connection

Grow your connections at multiple levels and roles within a firm to build a more robust account relationship.

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Developing Multiple Paths to Connection

Step 4

Leveraging for Value and Impact

Implement steps 1-3. Create your narrative and connect your impact to the client’s business and political issues.

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Owning the Why

RESET coaches and client intelligence experts will walk you through each step of this process, demonstrating what success looks like at each stage.

7 Deadly Sins of Revenue Growth

There are certain behaviors that are standing in the way of you quickly identifying, acquiring, and growing sustainable revenue. We call those the 7 Deadly Sins of Revenue Growth.

As our coaching clients begin to learn The Connection Process, we also teach them more about the things they do (unconsciously) that help them “get out of their own way” when it comes to executive-level revenue growth development.

  • Identifying & Solving the Wrong Problem
  • Not Collaborating
  • Focusing Too Broadly
  • Merely Showing Up Instead of Solving
  • Going in the Same Doors
  • Closing Instead of Facilitating Decision Making
  • Mistaking the Plateau for the Pinnacle

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