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Tools - The Connection Flywheel

Stop tricking yourself into thinking that activity equals results.

Connection Flywheel gives you a realistic view of where you are at in the client pursuit process, using The Connection Process methodology as your guide:

  • Accurate executive pipeline assessment
  • Quality intelligence that shows how your impact connects to the client’s business and political issues
  • Focus on leading indicators (multiple paths to connection with the company, # of unsolicited proposal requests) vs. lagging indicators (i.e. # of phone calls, # of meetings)
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The smart Connection Flywheel dashboard gives you a realistic view of your progress and enables team collaboration:

The Connection Flywheel includes 5 modules that help you grow your business intelligently:

Grow your business intelligently with the Connection Flywheel.

This is not a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Connection Flywheel is a mirror that reflects the activities you are doing to develop accounts.

It’s a project management tool that helps you work through the The Connection Process strategically, in a streamlined and easily manageable way.

This is the best tool to grow your business using The Connection Process.

Stop tricking yourself into thinking that activity equals impact. Get a realistic view of what activities you and your team are doing that are actually impacting revenue growth – so you can stop wasting time on activities that get you nowhere.

Connection Flywheel is an interactive guide that makes you focus on the right pieces of information at the right times.

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