Live Coaching Webinar

During the greatest healthcare crisis in modern history, it’s time for healthcare leaders to form a strategic response to emotional barriers among stakeholders and patients. Hospital systems must think beyond immediate recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. They must focus on proactively growing their systems through creative stakeholder re-engagement.

In this one-hour webinar with RESET CEO Wayne O’Neill and executive coach John G. Self, you will learn about the following:

  • The biggest fears and solutions surrounding patient re-engagement.
  • The opportunity to apply retail and hospitality thinking to healthcare service delivery.
  • Creative financing to fund new programs and projects amid challenging economic times. (You have options!)

If you are a healthcare executive or leader, and you have been wondering “what should I do next?” to re-engage stakeholders, this webinar is for you! Complete the form below to receive access to the webinar.


RESET has proudly delivered live coaching to decision-makers in healthcare, higher education, government, and businesses through the live webinar format. Access Live Coaching to understand how to create and accelerate project scope during challenging times.

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RESET CEO Wayne O’Neill provides coaching to Houston’s top decision-makers through the Houston Business Journal (HBJ). Read Wayne’s coaching articles covering topics such as how to build authentic connection with stakeholders, solutions for new problems in your industry, how to keep moving through a disruption, and more topics.

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