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A Members-Only Digest Updated Monthly, Highlighting Opportunities for Revenue Hiding in Plain Sight

Everyone is overwhelmed with data and information. How do you spot specific intelligence that could be connected to immediate or short term revenue for your practice? Our digest is designed to give you a steady stream of those insights that are hiding in plain sight.

This is not a newsletter. It's laser-focused insights around potential clients

It's sophisticated dot connecting that could lead you to sustainable revenue accounts

It's thin-sliced business intelligence with pointed suggestions on how to take action that will lead to revenue

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Intelligence Digest FREE

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  • Business intelligence insights for revenue growth including:
    • Project/scope opportunities hiding in plain sight that may be perfect growth opportunities for your firm
    • Insights to minimize your struggle to make sense of the business and political issues that really drive capital projects/scope spend
    • Help identifying what type of person you should focus your connection efforts on, beyond procurement, in order to grow accounts faster
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Intelligence Digest Premium

Everything from the free version PLUS:

  • Segments and sub-segments that are active from a capital spend standpoint and why
  • Market business and political issues that verify capital spend and prioritize the impact of your services to connect with those issues
  • Specific “doors” you may walk through to connect with top leaders & decision makers in clients you have targeted

Topics We Cover

Leveraging the "art" of big data to put yourself in the middle of deal streams

How your go-to-market team could create scope expansion opportunities through operational stewardship dollars

How your team leverages incentives to hook into workforce development to expand cope and project opportunities

Leveraging diverse intelligence sources for authentic insight into revenue opportunities

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