Boosting Resilience and Delivering Digital Dexterity

Coaching - Cyber Range Concierge

Problem: There are currently 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the United States. In the next three years, the figure is expected to grow to at least 1.8 million.

There is a clear need for qualified talent to receive education, training, and hands-on experience to become cybersecurity professionals — and close this gap.

Solution: RESET created the Cyber Range Concierge to help close the gap between universities producing cybersecurity talent and companies in the public and private sectors that require talent to fill their openings.

Our team frequently finds ourselves in the middle of so many interesting developments. We hear about projects long before they are announced to the public, and hear from investors who are looking for the next big win in the market.

We are proud to now offer our own specialized coaching service that connects investment dollars from Private Equity funds to owners and institutions in need of capital to meet their organizational mission.

It’s called Capital Concierge.

And when hand-crafted by our team, this process results in wins for all sides.

Why Cyber Range?

A cyber range is a virtual environment that enables companies and organizations to train and test for cyberwarfare. It’s a test bed where security experts can validate hardware, software, and networks for security vulnerabilities.

As we spoke to universities and companies about the cybersecurity gap, we asked ourselves this question: What if we could set up a cyber range ecosystem that enables graduates to receive hands-on experience and enables public and private organizations to access talent?

The answer to the question is Cyber Range Concierge. Our goal is to facilitate the interaction between academia and public and private organizations to create an environment of collaborative work — an environment where professionals, students, and professors can work together on research opportunities to proactively address the growing need for cybersecurity professionals.


Boosting Resilience and Delivering Digital Dexterity

  1. Skills: Develop cybersecurity team skill sets
  2. Framework: Proactively incorporate staffing framework
  3. Resilience: Reduce corporate risks and increase resilience
  4. Culture: Activate a cybersecurity culture throughout the organization


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