Why The Best Sales Training Can Be Counterintuitive

“To add value to others, one must first value others.” — John Maxwell

In today’s business climate, the world of sales has never been more fast-paced and monetarily driven. The art of closing a deal in a fluid, ever-shrinking global market takes insight and momentum to find your true value in each potential relationship.

Yet, many of today’s business leaders are ill-equipped to move into the new decade and beyond. Short-sighted, fundamental training techniques that promote a herd mentality are outdated and impersonal.

At best, this “casting of a wide net” approach trying to get as many clients as you can will produce either insufficient results or short-term projects that constantly need to be replenished. This method is simply inadequate for the current climate. The answer for staying relevant in today’s market is actually counterintuitive to most traditional methods.

The Better Approach to Common Sales Training Tactics

There is a better approach to increase opportunities for winning major deals once thought unreachable. The keys of this approach are forging relationships and deepening understanding of needs and goals. This is where RESET stands ready to propel your business toward a whole new level of client establishment and growth.

RESET is a network of business growth strategists that help empower clients to seize opportunities to win multi-million or multi-billion dollar projects. We work directly with managers, CEOs, and top-level executives to actualize these possibilities through a unique and highly effective mentality that breaks from the mold of traditional approaches taught in basic sales training.

Choose “The Connection Process” Instead

Our innovative, energizing method to relationship-building is aptly named The Connection Process. How does this method work, and why is it right for your organization? The Connection Process consists of four main phases.

1. Identify the Right Clients

It is important at the beginning to look for the “smart clients.” This term goes beyond basic intelligence to the identification of the edgy client, the one who is seeking underlying direction and innovative answers.

The smart clients are attending meetings and doing research to find long-term solutions to their company’s challenges. They are in tune with the long-term vision and purpose of the organization. They are also thinking creatively about fresh solutions to age-old problems.

An effective business leader understands how to identify and seek out these smart clients and establish connections with them.

2. Align with Business and Internal Political Issues

In today’s market, it is no longer enough to understand your own product and methodology. You must seek to understand the inner-workings of your potential client. Seek to discover the climates existing inside companies that affect their decisions.

Businesses must learn to seek pathways to a solution, which start with insightful questioning: Why did you call on me? Who are your clients, employees, stakeholders, and competitors?

The winning opportunity-seeker must be willing to understand the internal and political culture of the company by doing research beyond a simple Google search. They must be willing to utilize social media, spend time with clients and conferences and networking events, and build connections at all levels of the organization.

Putting in the time helps you achieve a deeper level of understanding of the underlying needs and energy flowing in the company.

3. Develop Multiple Paths to Connection

It is no longer enough to seek a single path for connecting to a client. Those who can close on the high-level deals are the ones who are willing to look for smart clients in multiple areas, including technical, design, construction, and finance.

Smart business leaders look for multi-angles and dynamic solutions. This requires talking and listening to those whom they may not have previously sought out for input. Robust relationships are established by understanding the value of networks within any company.

4. Leverage for Value and Input

A winning seeker of new accounts must be willing to identify the right clients, align with business and political issues, and develop multiple paths to connection for as long as it takes to achieve the level of understanding that is needed. Only after taking these steps have you earned the right to connect your impact to the client’s business and political needs.

At this point of establishing a relationship, you must move beyond the “what” of time, scope, schedule, and competition to the “why” of comprehending the purpose of what is being done.

Being able to connect with clients and stakeholders at this level will show a desire to add value and create long-term solutions for their needs.

Be willing to ask questions and readily listen for input to continue to master the underlying direction and passions of the company. The reward for this type of investment is the establishment of a long-term partnership and account.

Does This Approach Sound Counterintuitive?

Don’t cast a wide net. Embrace internal issues. Don’t lock into on one connection. Focus on their needs, not your own.

Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it? But, it works. You’ll find that the connections are stronger, the opportunities are more promising, and the results are better for your organization.

Traditional business and sales methods are simply inadequate for today’s markets. You must achieve a deeper level of intuitive insight needed for a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Allow RESET to partner with you as your coach in this counterintuitive, innovative method of breaking through walls and establishing accounts that once seemed unreachable.

Contact RESET today to discuss cutting-edge strategies to connect with the right people in your target organizations for optimum results.


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